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Why The Spa Is So Beneficial

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

I try my best to fit in a weekend trip to the nearby stately home spa hotel every year. It costs a pretty penny but it's worth it! I find that by having an intense pampering session, I come home so re-charged mentally. I put this down to the change of scenery (normally beautiful/ relaxing) for a decent period e.g a good few hours or ideally a couple of days - so you take 'switching off' to another level. The facilities are usually super relaxing at a proper Spa, where you can swim and have hydro treatments, enjoy steam rooms and sauna facilities.

However, you should find time for yourself regularly for pampering (as it's so good for your well-being). It's easier than you think to recreate the Spa experience at home. Thanks to House Of Shea aromatherapy skincare- it can even become part of your Mindfulness practice. Taking a little extra time over an otherwise routine / mundane task is an ideal way to practice Mindfulness (the art of slowing down and using the senses to LIVE in the present, which is known to help Well-being). The luxurious age-resisting skincare products from House Of Shea have a divine aroma and are designed to be savored, not rushed. Enjoy how they glide over your skin, leaving skin silky soft, whilst the aroma from the essential oils nurtures your soul. (You can even do this for a few precious minutes at your desk with the House Of Shea Hand Balms).

Of course, a bit of time out to have a proper soak in the bath (with candles lit of course) really helps too. Regular massages are key for me personally to manage my stress levels and get the knots out- so I try to go every 6-8 weeks to my local massage lady who is brilliant.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way of giving you a little taste of the Spa everyday. I burn essential oils in my diffuser (you can buy on Amazon etc). By burning specific oils they can calm, relax you and even help fend of colds! Eucalyptus oil is great if you have a snuffly nose! Burning intense can have a wonderful grounding and comforting effect.

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