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Your Well-being: Beyond Skincare

Clean-Living skincare 'Clean Beauty' is a step in the right direction to help nurture your well-being; mind, body and soul. However, there is so much more you can do to further enhance your well-being. Exercise, eating/drinking better, getting rid of anxiety (or at least learning coping mechanisms), getting your work/home time in balance and order, discovering  the vast- perhaps presently untapped joy from your spiritual side,  mindfulness, gratitude, volunteering, aromatherapy, massage- the list goes on and on! Please find below some very carefully selected people/ sources who can help point you in the right direction with those explorations and further information. (Note / Disclaimer: we at Shea Natural Skincare Ltd get no financial reward for any services you might enter into in this regard, we just want to help folks where possible further improve their quality of life).

Smile of Victory
Eating Apple

Exercise & Self Care

Too many of us make excuses as to why we can't exercise. Fact is, exercise helps make us happy on so many levels. Try to get a mix of cardio and also slower paced toning exercise like yoga/ pilates each week. Those who do the recommended amount of regular exercise are likely to be more happy with their bodies. Find what works for you- whether that is exercise alone or with company. Smoking is a no-no if you want to age well and to optimize your health. Be sensible in the sun if you want to slow down the signs of ageing (and help stay healthy). A regular massage or facial can be very beneficial for your well-being. Visit this website for more info:


You don't need to give up the things you love but instead use the word 'balance' and 'moderation'. Make sure you eat lots of healthy foods, covering the recommend food groups e.g carbs / proteins etc and drink plenty of water to give your body (and skin) the best chance to serve you well. Cut down on the alcohol, processed foods, high-sugar intake and the Sat Fats. Help yourself and the planet by going Fair-trade for sustainability, organic to also help the environment (and for extra feel-good factor try going Vegan). Visit this website for more info:

Meditation by the Sea

Mindfulness / Spirituality

Start taking time to pause from the chaos of life- properly. Put social media and your emails on hold. Ensure you have time when you are 'disconnected' from the constant interruptions by technology. You can find contentment and peace from within which could radically alter your life going forward (in a good way!). You can even learn to love yourself 'flaws' and all! Mindfullness can even happen when you are exercising through a gentle jog, while weeding in the garden or through say Yoga. Visit this website for more info:

Aromatherapy & Healing Naturally

Essential oils have long been known for their beneficial effects. Rather than reaching for painkillers if you feel a headache coming on, you could try inhaling certain essential oils or applying them to pulse points. Don't forget there is a whole world of natural remedies and herbal supplements that could help you going forward. Ginseng can help poor circulation and a cup of homemade peppermint tea can help settle a upset tummy. Visit this website for more info:

Get Happy!

Life coaching is a very useful method to get your mind sorted. If you are suffering from anxiety (as many of us are), or depression etc, you can work with a qualified Life Coach to work towards achieving a consistently happier mind (and enjoying life generally more). Clarify if you taking good enough care of yourself; mind, body and soul, as well as learning how to take action and put that right if necessary. Visit this website for more info:

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