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Combat anxiety and treat yourself to a little Spa indulgence (and happiness) everyday, without leaving your bathroom by using House Of Shea pure, 100% organic, naturally active, age-resisting, aromatherapy skincare. These are products to enjoy and take your time over. They are not designed to be rushed. Restore your serenity by using as part of your daily Mindfulness practice during your skincare ritual through 'Touch' and 'Smell'.

House Of Shea intensely moisturising skincare formulations, have been specifically created to promote your well being- mind, body and soul. Made with sacred, skin soothing Shea Butter as the hero ingredient, choose whether you want a mood calming or mood uplifting aroma experience from our blends of carefully chosen organic therapeutic grade essential oils.

The age-resisting House Of Shea Face Balms could quickly become your most adored beauty product. Suitable for all skin types, they are bursting with age-defying Anti-oxidants.  Delightfully versatile, these naturally potent organic Face Balms can be used to cleanse and exfoliate (via the divine 'Hot Cloth Cleansing' method), as well as intensely moisturising your skin as a night-time deluxe surge, or even under make-up during the day. Care for your hands with the House Of Shea Hand Balms and indulge yourself with the dreamy whipped Body Souffles.

Our beautiful, intensely nourishing skincare products are water-free which means they do not need to contain synthetic preservatives or alcohols to keep them 'stable' over time.  Having a 'water-free' formulation means the wonderful organic ingredients in these balms are not diluted or compromised- so the products are more naturally potent/effective as a result! House Of Shea skincare is formulated with only natural, high quality, organic-certified and vegan friendly ingredients. This means that even some people who have sensitive skin may also enjoy these products and have some spa luxury.


Many chemical-based skincare creams can cause an immediate skin reaction, but in addition, no one knows the long term issues from man-made chemical ingredients entering our bodies can create. Why seek chemical based formulations with harmful toxins when nature's own pure ingredients can help combat the signs of ageing, help keep skin looking youthful naturally (and help make you feel happy)?

Only quality 100% organic natural ingredients which have each been certified organic at source are used in our hand-blended formulations. Enjoy these pure skincare products, which are free from synthetic chemical ingredients. Lovingly made in small batches in our rural Staffordshire (U.K) beauty kitchen, you can be sure these products are fresh and packed with only pure natural skincare goodness. We purposefully avoid use of beeswax in our products so that our formulations are Vegan-friendly, so as universal for all as possible.

Ethics & Sustainability:


Thanks to House Of Shea, clean living, 100% organic, luxurious vegan-friendly skincare is a reality. Use with peace of mind that the planet is not being adversely affected. Our products are cruelty-free and contain no animal derived ingredients. We keep packaging/ paper/ plastic to a minimum and use only packaging that can be recycled- such as the glass jars for our beautiful balms. We pledge to also support charities such as TreeAid Africa and Cancer Research with donations from any annual profits.

for your well being

Specially formulated

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils from plants and herbs are especially potent and go far beyond simply Aromatherapy benefits from their aroma. They also have many active skin benefits when used in skincare products.


The Patchouli organic essential oil in the House Of Shea Intensely Nurturing Calming Mood Aroma Face Balm has skin soothing and healing properties, as well as aphrodisiac effects! Mood uplifting organic Ylang Ylang (also a natural aphrodisiac), is known to help combat the signs of ageing as it has antioxidant properties that fight off free radicals which are responsible for premature aging, fine lines & wrinkles.

*For those with extremely sensitive skin, the essential oils contained in House Of Shea may cause a reaction- even at the safe, low dilution levels we follow. This is because essential oils contain naturally occurring chemicals. We recommend that you read the ingredients list carefully, order a sample size first and always patch test new skincare before using liberally. (Check before using during pregnancy also.)

Made with pure 100% Organic ingredients

Experience these naturally active formulations, which smell divine. Due to how potently moisturising they are, it is best to use sparingly- as a little goes a long way!

Spa Treatment Menu:

Our Luxurious, Naturally Active Skincare Treats:

Intensely Nurturing Face Balms:

Suitable for most skin types due to the skin balancing natural oils which adapt to dry or oily skin accordingly. Organic, unrefined, soothing Shea Butter is combined with Anti-oxidant rich Grapeseed Oil and precious age-resisting oils which regenerate and repair including Rosehip and Pomegranate Seed. The Vitamin C in Pomegranate Oil helps to even skin tone and reverse the damage caused by sun exposure. Contains Vitamin E rich Raspberry Seed Oil, a luxurious anti-inflammatory oil which may also offer some general low level protection against the sun's harmful rays, as well as helping to form an occlusive barrier to prevent moisture loss. Give your skin an intense moisture surge whilst helping to defy the signs of ageing. Choose from two different aromatherapy blends to help transport you to the spa.  (Uplifting blend with Geranium Rose & May Chang is especially ideal for combination skin. The Calming blend contains Frankincense which has proven anti-ageing benefits and is particularly wonderful for dry skin types) Super versatile! Use morning, or as an overnight moisture surge. Heavenly if used to cleanse skin with the 'hot-cloth' method.

Intensely Nurturing Hand Balms:

We are super excited about these heavenly balms, formulated with soothing Organic unrefined Shea Butter, age-defying Rosehip Oil (with Vitamins A, C & E) and precious Pomegranate Seed Oil (rich in Antioxidants), this balm deeply nourishes hands and promotes youthful skin. Choose from two Aromatherapy blends dependent on your mood.  Whether you opt for the Calming or Uplifting blend, your hands will be left feeling silky soft long-after. Tip: Just don't pick up a glass too soon after application! Instead, treat yourself and take a moment to enjoy this moisture surge while it fully absorbs.

Dreamy deeply moisturising Whipped Body Souffles:

What a decadent way to start (or finish) the day. Soft and fluffy, our super moisturising body butters have been whipped with Organic soothing Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to give your skin a lasting treat. Also includes luxurious Organic Argan Oil- which is known to help fade scars / stretch marks and heal skin. Enjoy the subtly sublime and soothing aroma of the Calming Frankincense mood blend, or enjoy a little citrus-zing from May Chang essential oil with the Uplifting blend body souffle.

An essential part of your daily stress survival kit ! Visit the online shop to order your samples today! Enjoy!

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