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100% certified-organic ingredients

Designed for Mindfulness practice & self-care

Choose from two heavenly aroma blends:

'Calming' or 'Uplifting'

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For Your Well-being, Mind, Body & Soul....

Restore your serenity and your skin by enjoying a little Spa indulgence everyday, without leaving your bathroom. The divine House Of Shea pure, 100% organic, vegan-friendly moisturisers are packed with naturally active, high-performance botanicals, for beautiful skin. This indulgent, nourishing skincare is designed to be savoured, not rushed.

Perfect to use as part of your daily Mindfulness practice during your skincare ritual, through 'Touch' and 'Smell'. Available in a choice of two aromatherapy blends: 'calming' or 'uplifting' - (both blends contain essential oils which restore feelings of well-being and which may also be helpful during menopause). These luxuriously rich moisturisers are handcrafted in rural Staffordshire with sacred, skin soothing Shea Butter and precious certified-organic plant oils & extracts.

House Of Shea, deeply nourishing skincare formulations are waterless which means we can leave out any chemical 'nasties'- such as synthetics, preservatives and toxins. We only use 100% natural, pure, potent ingredients.  Undiluted and unspoilt, these products harness the full power of nature.

New for 2020, try our Radiance Beauty Oils - a super-food drink for thirsty skin, packed with rejuvenating precious botanicals.

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Your serenity, your aromatherapy

High-performance, handcrafted, luxury, aromatherapy moisturisers.

Perfect for daily Mindfulness

Skincare that's designed to be savoured, not rushed

Self-Care Spa Treatment Menu:

Our Luxurious, Naturally Active Skincare Treats:

Intensely Nurturing Face Balms:

Give your skin an intense moisture surge whilst helping to defy the signs of ageing. Super versatile: use morning, or as an overnight moisture surge. Heavenly if used to cleanse skin with the 'hot-cloth' method.

Intensely Nurturing Hand Balms:

Deeply nourishes hands and promotes youthful skin. Your hands will be left feeling silky soft long-after. Treat yourself and take a moment to enjoy this moisture surge while it fully absorbs.


Dreamy deeply moisturising Whipped Body Souffles:

What a divine way to start (or finish) the day. Soft and fluffy, our super moisturising body butters give your skin a lasting treat.

An essential part of your daily stress survival kit ! Visit our online shop to order your samples today! Enjoy!