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About Shea Butter:

Body Conscious

Why it's amazing in it's own right!

Shea Butter is quite frankly a miracle of nature due to it's exceptional skin soothing and healing benefits. Completely natural, it is extracted from the Shea nut from the sacred Shea or 'Karite' trees indigenous to Africa. The reason that the Shea tree is considered sacred in many communities around Africa is because of the bounty of goodness it can bring to the skin, hair, beauty and health of a person.


Shea Butter is an unsung hero of the beauty industry. Whilst Shea Butter often appears at low and compromised levels in the ingredients lists' for chemical based skincare and toiletries, we think it's a super star and should rightfully 'lead the show!'

Known for its intense moisturising abilities and skin healing properties through penetrating the deeper layers of skin; boosting collagen production. It's also low on the comedogenic scale which means it is not too greasy / 'pore-blocking'.

We carefully combine this organic raw unrefined Shea Butter with natural plant based oils such as Antioxident rich Grapeseed Oil, Age-Resisting Jojoba and Coconut Oil to name but a few. This then creates a naturally potent formulation that's a delight to use and perfect for sensitive skin.

Ethics All The Way:

Fairtrade: Our Shea Butter is ethically and sustainably sourced from Ghana. We source our Shea Butter from a co-operative of women started by Georgina Koomson, based in Wa in Northern Ghana. This group of over 600 women support a local community of over 2400 individuals and through the production of Organic Shea Butter are helping to build a better future.



Ray of Light

Spiritually Sacred

It's All Natural & Pure

Our products are designed to fit with living a more holistic life and away from mass -produced products that are potentially damaging to both our long term health and the planet. 


We only use Grade A Organic Shea Butter to ensure it's maximum potential for your skin. Sometimes it can be slightly grainy in texture. Shea Butter is a natural ingredient so there can be variances in colour / texture, but that does not take away from its effectiveness.


If it's cold you may need to work with our products a little to warm them up and 'get them going' before application to aid absorption into your skin. If our products get too warm they may liquidize so please store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. If they do melt simply pop them in the fridge to help solidify again. (This is all part of being natural and pure products which contain no synthetic preservatives- so it's time to adapt for the greater good!)

Discover the wonder of pure Shea Butter, visit our on-line shop without delay and discover these eco-friendly & precious skin saviors for yourself.

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