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We're On A Mission- To Help Conserve & Protect (Your Skin & Nature!)

Hi, I am Louise and Shea Natural Skincare Ltd was born out of my deep passion for truly natural skincare. Growing up in the countryside, I have always loved nature and plants. Fascinated by the wonderful skin benefits of botanicals, I had started making products for myself some time ago because I couldn't find what I was looking for (affordable, completely natural skincare - free from toxic ingredients such as synthetics & chemicals). My family and friends loved the products which I often gave them as gifts and they encouraged me to start up a business. After becoming a mum, I decided to leave the corporate world to find more family-friendly, flexible work in an area I was deeply interested in. My skincare was the obvious path so I became officially qualified in formulating natural skincare. 

What I found most exciting was the transformative results by using ONLY organic skincare ingredients. Research has shown that botanicals which are grown organically, are higher in precious antioxidants. Organic cultivation also avoids the use of harmful, toxic pesticides. It has been reported that there have been drastic declines in insect numbers which could have far-reaching consequences for both wildlife and people. It’s not just our wild bees and pollinators that are declining – these trends are mirrored across a great many of other invertebrate species. There needs to be a significant reduction in the use of pesticides, particularly the insecticides that are destroying the very creatures we depend on for the health of our natural world.


By switching to 100% organic skincare with age-resisting botanicals (such as Pomegranate and Rosehip), the full power of nature can be harnessed to help us conserve and protect our skin, to keep it looking healthy, youthful and radiant. Also, very importantly, from May 2020, to protect and conserve nature in return, we pledge to donate 5% from every sale to support wildlife conservation charities (who in turn work with farmers to help conserve nature & wildlife). 

I created House Of Shea to deliver a natural, spa-like experience using the wondrous powers of organic essential oils. Effective and organic products which are a joy to use and indulge the senses for smell, visually and touch. Hurray For Shea! products are fragrance-free. They are an absolute saviour for really sensitive skin types as they even exclude essential oils which can sometimes cause an issue for sensitive skin.

This is a family business and our Mission is to help more people move away from chemical based skincare but still enjoy skincare with active skin benefits, at an accessible price- all with peace of mind that the products are both skin and planet friendly! :) 

Personally, I am on a journey to lead a more holistic life, more in balance with the world around me. Along with my two beautiful boys, these products will be my legacy- hopefully helping the greater good (whilst giving lovely people like you skincare products that are a joy to use).


Come, enjoy naturally beautiful skin,


Louise McLintock-Peasley DipM, Dip Organic Skincare


Founder: Shea Natural Skincare Ltd

-House Of Shea

-Hurray For Shea


Shea Natural Skincare Ltd. Farmview, 5 Little Onn Road, Church Eaton, Stafford, ST20 0AY. T: 01785 823343.

Co Number: 11656630

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