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Who We Are

We're On A Mission

With a background in the Health & Beauty industry and over 20 years working in Marketing, I decided to create two ranges of skincare which were both 100% Organic and vegan friendly. I had started making products for myself some time ago because I couldn't find what I was looking for on the market.


I use A LOT of moisturizer every year and grew increasingly concerned about what long term effects the chemical based formulations I was rubbing into my skin everyday would have. The carcinogenic risk from products containing 'parabens' has become known in recent years but there are still many, many other chemicals where the long term effects are simply not known.


With so many of people we all know and love experiencing various types of Cancer, I became more and more uncomfortable putting chemical based moisturisers into my skin. I find it troubling that chemical based skincare brands get so excited about the latest 'revelation' chemical ingredient they have created. Yes, it might well have an instant, short term beneficial anti-ageing effect but what about long term?!


I also started to understand that these chemical based formulations being manufactured on-mass were detrimental to the environment also with chemical waste (and plastics) from such manufacturers entering the oceans. It was for that reason I started looking at natural ingredient formulations already on the market. However, many organic products still showed certain known irritants on the ingredients listings- many from chemical / synthetic based preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol to help make the products remain stable over time. Phenoxyethanol may cause skin and lung irritation. It's also toxic to the kidneys, nervous system, and liver, and repeated, long-term exposure can cause organ damage. The debate continues in regards to the low dosages of this common ingredient found in cosmetics. Many organic products also still list 'parfum' or 'alcohol' on the ingredients list which can also irritate sensitive skin. Time to go 100% organic & pure huh?!


I also noticed that choice was rather limited in terms of 100% organic, vegan friendly formulations. 


At the same time, I discovered face moisturising balms which are already hugely popular in America and Australia. Face Balms are usually made from oils/waxes only so don't need preservatives / fillers to be added. Balms are also so versatile as they can be used in so many ways. That means you need fewer products in your bathroom which has got to be a good thing!


When I first discovered Shea Butter I was a little cautious given I personally have combination skin and I was a little concerned shea-based products might lead to more break-outs. This has not been the case from using my formulations- probably because I combine the Shea with various natural plant based carrier oils which also have many beneficial skin properties.


So, I created House Of Shea to deliver a natural, spa-like experience. Effective and organic products which are a joy to use and indulge the senses for smell, visually and touch.

Hurray For Shea! products are completely chemical free. They are an absolute saviour for really sensitive skin types as they even exclude essential oils which can sometimes extra sensitive skin.

This is a family business. We care about sustainability and the welfare of the people in Africa who produce the Shea Butter. We therefore donate to a humanitarian charity called 'TreeAid'. As we are deeply concerned about toxins / chemicals often used in mass-produced skincare that can have an adverse effect to long-term health of humans and the planet, so we therefore also pledge to donate to Cancer Research.

Our Mission is to help more people move away from chemical based skincare but still enjoy skincare with active skin benefits - all with peace of mind that the products are both skin and planet friendly! :) 

Personally, I am on a journey to lead a more holistic life, more in balance with the world around me. Along with my two beautiful boys, these products will be my legacy- hopefully helping the greater good (whilst giving lovely people like you skincare products that are a joy to use).


Come, enjoy naturally beautiful skin,


Louise McLintock-Peasley DipM, Dip Organic Skincare



House Of Shea

Hurray For Shea


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