A Sensitive Skin Saviour. Fragrance-Free. Gentle skincare that's free from chemical nasties. 100% Organic & Vegan Friendly.

Hurray For Shea!

100% natural certified organic at source ingredients,  vegan friendly and with active age-resisting benefits = happy days right? Completely free from known chemical / synthetic irritants, these beautiful balms & body butters are made with sacred, soothing Organic Shea Butter and natural plant oils.


Hurray For Shea! skincare products intensely nourish skin. As they are water-free, this means not only we can leave out chemical preservatives / emulsifiers / alcohols -known to irritate sensitive skin, but in addition, it means the product has not been 'diluted', so the products are more naturally potent with their multiple skin benefits! (Such as age-resisting).

Each and every ingredient carefully selected for our gentle formulations has been certified organic at source by The Soil Association (or Country equivalent) and is Vegan-Friendly. (We avoid the use of beeswax and our products are cruelty-free). Hurray For Shea products are also fragrance-free. They even exclude natural essential oils which can contain naturally occurring chemicals that can sometimes irritate very sensitive skin.


Not only are these products a delight to use, they offer many benefits beyond simply nourishing your skin. Packed with anti-ageing ingredients such as the Pomegranate Seed Oil and Rosehip Oil in the Face and Hand Balm, these are naturally effective and skin-kind products. Even folks with sensitive skin should find that they have no issue with these 100% organic, fragrance-free balms. (Always patch test before using new skincare)

Effective skin friendly products that are a pleasure to use and don't cost the earth.

Proudly handmade in rural England using only ethically sourced, vegan-friendly, organic ingredients. We actively strive to keep use of paper/ plastic down to an absolute minimum and our full size products are produced in glass jars. Hurray For Shea pot labels are made from funky paper (not printed plastic labels) as that is better for the environment, so apologies if they go a little tatty over time, but we think it adds to their charm! (A small price to pay to be more eco-friendly!) In addition, we do not believe in unnecessary 'over-packaging' so our cute skincare jars do not come in cardboard boxes. That does mean there's a LOT of info to squeeze on the jar labels, so apologies if you need to squint a little to read!


Due to 100% natural organic ingredients, colour / consistency may vary. Remember, these gorgeous 100% organic products are temperature sensitive- so always store in a cool, dark place and use within 6 months of opening. 

Meet The Product Range:



Hurray For Shea Intensely Nurturing Face Balm:

Short-listed in the Free From Skincare Awards 2019! Suitable for all skin types, this is an absolute treat when applied before bedtime as an overnight skin moisture surge. Can also be used (sparingly) under make-up, as well as to cleanse/ exfoliate using the hot-cloth method. Soothing, sacred Shea Butter is blended with precious Organic Rosehip Oil, known for its collagen boosting properties. Contains Antioxidant rich and skin balancing Grapeseed and Jojoba oils known for their light non-greasy feel. Pomegranate Seed Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil have anti-ageing properties and may also help combat harmful UV rays -although we always strongly recommend you should use always use a high SPF sunscreen product if exposed to the sun for prolonged periods - although ideally avoid the sun's rays at their most powerful.

Hurray For Shea Whipped Body Souffle:

Give your skin a treat every day with with this luxurious whipped body butter, which gently melts into your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. A little goes a long way due to the highly moisturizing, skin healing unrefined Shea Butter which has high levels of oleic, linoleic and stearic acids to help skin's ability to regenerate.  Contains organic anti-inflammatory Coconut Oil, luxurious Argan Oil (which can help improve scars/ stretch marks) and soothing Sweet Almond Oil to create a heavenly combination to nurture your skin. (Great for the whole family- wherever there is itchy skin, or after sun exposure).

Hurray For Shea Intensely Nurturing Hand Balm:

We are super excited about the Hurray For Shea Hand Balm. Organic Shea Butter meets age-resisting Pomegranate Seed Oil and Rosehip Oil which are known to help improve age-spots, whilst giving your hands a deeply nourishing treat. Also great on dry heels/ elbows. This is potently moisturising so a little goes a long way and you'll need to give it time to absorb fully before picking up a glass! This nurturing balm even forms a protective barrier over your hands whilst leaving them silky soft to touch. Heaven!

Sample Service

There are no chemical 'nasties' or known skin irritants such as 'parfum', alcohols, synthetics or preservatives in these gentle, naturally active skincare formulations, but it is recommended that you always carry out a patch test before using new skincare. Even organic, natural ingredients can sometimes cause a reaction for some people. Order a sample pot today via our online shop.



Experience naturally healthy, beautifully soft skin with Hurray For Shea, working in harmony with your skin and our planet.

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