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Pro-ageing vs Anti-Ageing

'Pro-ageing' is about taking a holistic, natural and positive approach to getting older. I am in my mid-forties and for me Pro-ageing means not striving/ feeling pressured into looking 20 years younger via painful, costly methods.

In the world of skincare, the term anti-ageing is long established and widely used, but does sound rather negative! I think it should be personal choice to what extent that we deal with the fine lines which naturally occur over time. (Rather than being expected by society to take drastic remedial action or feel ashamed / unattractive!). I hate to think that people dread their birthdays or hide their age!! 

Pro-ageing is a far more positive mindset and more of us are now pushing back and promoting this change of perspective, which is so much better for our mental well-being too! 

The Pro-ageing movement is all about empowerment and choice. It recognises that beauty comes in various forms and that our choices matter. In my case, I embrace my laughter lines, but I do invest time and energy to keep my skin as radiant and glowing as possibly - naturally (through my 100% organic, clean skincare which is high in rejuvenating antioxidants and vitamins 🤍🍃). I am focussed on supporting my skin's natural progression so it looks healthy, nourished and feels great.

I love that the Pro-ageing movement is very much about self-care and our longevity. This includes anything from getting regular exercise to eating a healthy diet. Ensuring we get enough sleep and actively trying to minimise stress are key elements on self-care. Through

Pro-ageing and organic skincare
Let's feel confident as we age! (No airbrushing here) xx

meditation and mindfulness practice, we help support our parasympathetic system (also known as 'rest & digest' mode).

I created my 100% organic House Of Shea aromatherapy skincare collection to help create a mini spa experience everyday to both support self-care, whilst also nourishing the skin. The two aroma blends; 'Calming' and 'Uplifting' are designed to be savoured mindfully, not rushed. Both blends are formulated with certified organic essential oils known for their stress-busting properties - as well as their ability to support female well-being.

Luxurious skincare formulations such as these are ideal for a D.I.Y morning and evening facial massage. I would recommend using the House Of Shea Facial Balm in 'Calming' to cleanse skin with the divine 'Hot-cloth' method, followed by massaging in a few drops of the House Of Shea Radiance Facial Oil (which you can 'lock-in' with a little more of the facial balm), for a truly heavenly evening ritual to help you unwind before bed. You can even take the opportunity to work in a little facial yoga during this skincare ritual. Facial yoga also helps to support our skin naturally as we age, through specific facial movements.

Pro-ageing sees ageing as a natural part of life that can be embraced and enjoyed. Happily, it's a revolution that is changing how society views age. Let's strive to support ourselves and our skin as we age. Let us feel 'skin confident' and not feel compelled to use photo-editing ! :)

Take care, love Louise, S.N.S xx

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