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Discover Skin Rewilding

SKINCARE INTEL: Rewilding is about restoring a healthy microbiome. The microbiome enhances the skin’s natural barrier, protecting us from all the nasties out there – allergens, toxins, free radicals, photoaging, pollutants, and more. Disruption of the natural bacteria levels of the microbiome can contribute to a range of issues such as acne, eczema / dryness, dermatitis, redness, and the signs of premature ageing.

Water-based skincare products contain synthetic preservatives to prevent bacterial contamination and give such skincare products their shelf life. These preservatives however also work against the balance of our skin's microbiome. Also, overuse of skincare formulated with harsh acids and retinols can leave skin feeling stripped and reactive.

So, the goal with rewilding is to restore the healthy balance of bacteria - our microbiome. We know disruptions of the microbiome is associated with altered skin barrier function.

To keep your microbiome healthy, balance is key - and it starts with what you’re putting on your skin. Rewilding skin is the gentle beauty trend that soothes inflammation and sensitivity. It focuses on taking skin back to its roots and undoing the intervention of harsh, astringent skincare products. Skin Rewilding is a skincare process that focuses on the use of natural, wild-crafted ingredients and botanical extracts to nourish and heal the skin. (Some skincare brands also promote including probotic ingredients to boost the microbiome).


Applying completely natural, chemical-free products to your skin helps to repair it and battle the issues your skin is facing, while the microbiome benefits from the vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and antioxidants in truly natural products.


If you are interested in rewilding, my 100% organic skincare is formulated with high-performance botanicals known for their exceptionally high antioxidant levels and anti-inflammatory properties. Preservative-free, they contain plant-based ingredients which both restore AND protect the microbiome. My formulations include Pomegranate Seed oil which according to studies, has one of the highest contents of Vitamin E – a known antioxidant.

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