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Beautiful skin made easy. Streamline your skincare routine the organic way.

The goal – beautiful, flawless, healthy, youthful-looking skin; through products which are kind to our planet.

Happily, natural skincare can offer us the best of both worlds*;

1) Clean - so non-toxic which is better for you and the planet

2) High-performance, amazing results

*Based on truly naturally, clean skincare which is made from 100% certified-organic, high-performance botanical ingredients. Many products advertised as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ often still contain some synthetic chemical ingredients / preservatives, or non-organically cultivated ingredients, both which in my opinion compromises the results (and obviously means they are less kind to the planet).

Two of my favourite words when it comes to good skincare (in-line with achieving the above ultimate goal) are as follows:

1. Pro-activity

2. Purity

1. Pro-activity in regards to skincare is using products with age-resisting benefits from ideally as early an age as possible. I started using ‘age-resisting’ skincare back when I was in my early twenties (I am now 42). Many people can be a bit funny about being recommended to use ‘age-resisting’ skincare and they’ll say- “I don’t need that yet! Do you think I look old?!” However, what they should be saying is “Yes- help me stay looking youthful!” This is because skincare packed with age-resisting ingredients means that the skincare is more ‘active’, meaning that rather than just the basic moisturising of the skin, it is putting even more ‘good stuff’ into your skin, helping to keep skin healthy and radiant (delaying the signs of ageing).

Please note, whilst pro-activity is a key word for me, I also very much believe that skincare should be ‘easy’ and non-complicated. I am not a fan of bulging bathroom cabinets. I used to get overwhelmed and didn’t use most of the products (which cost a fortune!) Who has that much time and head-space morning and night? I couldn’t pronounce many of the ‘star’ ingredients and quite frankly they sounded scary. Is it so unusual to want truly natural skincare which is cruelty-free skincare with no animal derived ingredients? It is possible to achieve beautiful, healthy skin with just a capsule edit of hard-working, multi-purpose skincare products. Definitely quality not quantity – not a packed bathroom cabinet!

Another aspect of pro-activity is using moisturisers which contain SPF to protect you during the day against harmful, aging UV rays. This applies 365 days a year (not just in summer). I am not a fan of actual ‘sunbathing’ because I am worried about skin-cancer as well as the ageing effects of the sun at its most powerful. I embrace my pale Scottish skin and happily relax in the shade with a cooling drink when the sun is hottest (whilst wearing a factor of no lower than SPF30). Also, I formulated my Facial Balms to contain botanicals which help to offer some general, low-level protection from harmful UV rays (ingredients such as Raspberry Seed Oil) which have high antioxidant and Vitamin E levels.

A key part of being proactive about achieving great skin is keeping stress levels down, ensuring you get sufficient sleep, not smoking, a healthy (ish) diet and drinking lots of water. Lastly on the subject of Pro-activity, I must stress the importance of Shea Butter. The sooner you start using Shea-based skincare the better. It is the cornerstone of my skincare formulations (and the name) for very good reason. Its benefits are immense. It is both soothing and healing. It is deeply moisturising and nourishing -but without being greasy or pore-clogging (when combined with the right plant oils as per my formulations). Packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, it’s anti-inflammatory and protective benefits cannot be emphasized enough. After use, skin feels incredibly soft, smooth and better still, that feeling remains long-after (particularly valuable during the cold, harsh winter months!)

2. Purity. This is where organic botanical ingredients are way better. This was an essential factor when I was formulating my range of skincare products. It is also where being water-free steals the show. Many moisturisers are creams (technically known as emulsions). This means they are primarily water-based, so diluted down and require lots of other ingredients to stabilize them over time (many of these ingredients do not deliver skin benefits, usually they actually can irritate skin e.g. synthetic preservatives). Before I discovered natural, organic skincare, I regularly did battle with unsightly/ painful blemishes (spots!), plus my skin never felt balanced (dry cheeks, oily & shiny t-zone) and it looked dull/ lacked radiance. I relied on make-up and lots of concealer to fake flawless and ‘the glow’.

Botanical ingredients which have been certified-organic, means that they were cultivated without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals (damaging to the planet, wildlife and potentially toxic to our health when absorbed through our skin). Research has shown that botanicals grown organically are naturally higher in their antioxidant content. These precious antioxidants are then harnessed through the plant oils into the skincare products you apply to your skin daily. This is why customers who use our 100% organic skincare products are quite frankly blown away with the results.

The final aspect of ‘Purity’ that I will touch upon is the importance of cleansing. Good cleansing. I cleanse my skin every morning whilst in the shower with an organic wash-off product. I then cleanse my skin every evening without fail using the divine ‘Hot-cloth’ method. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means that I apply my 100% organic Facial Balm OVER my make-up and massage in a circular motion until the make-up dissolves away. I then take a warm, wet cloth, wring it out and then place it over my face for around 30 secs. I then gently wipe my face until it is clean. It is a beautiful way to cleanse and really relaxes me before bed. It is also very eco-friendly (no chemical wet wipes in sight!). At that important stage I massage in a few drops of my 100% organic Facial Oil to deliver a real hit of the high performance, age-resisting ingredients (e.g Rosehip, Pomegranate & Raspberry Seed Oil). I then apply a little more Facial Balm to deliver the soothing, nurturing Shea Butter and to help lock those beautiful plant oils in so they can work their magic. Weekly exfoliation is key in order to gently get rid of dead skin cells.

When formulating my capsule edit of high-performance 100% organic skincare products, I carefully selected hard-working botanicals naturally packed with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory (such as Rosehip, Pomegranate, Raspberry Seed and Grape Seed), to deliver flawless, glowing, soft skin.

My easy (and cost-effective) skincare routine for naturally glowing, beautiful skin:

Products required:

House Of Shea (aromatherapy) Facial Balm & House Of Shea Radiance Facial Oil, or, the fragrance-free Hurray For Shea Facial Balm & Hurray For Shea Radiance Facial Oil, (dependent on skin type). If you have sensitive skin, it is best to opt for 100% organic, fragrance-free skincare. I formulated the beautiful Hurray For Shea range for more sensitive skin types. Always patch test before using new skincare.

-Some people prefer the House Of Shea UPLIFTING aroma blend products for morning due to their stimulant essential oil properties. The House Of Shea CALMING aroma blend products are exceptionally good for night-time use due to their sedative essential oil properties. However, you can use them interchangeably as desired.


-Start with cleansed skin after your bath / shower

- Apply 2-4 drops of 100% organic Facial Oil and massage into face & neck. Wait for 60 secs so it fully absorbs.

-Apply a pea-sized amount of the soft, creamy-feeling 100% organic Facial Balm to face & neck area. Allow 60 secs for it to fully absorb.

- (Once a week, I recommend using a gentle facial exfoliator/ scrub)


-Start with cleansed skin (recommend you follow the above Hot-cloth method)

- Apply 2-4 drops of 100% organic Facial Oil and massage into face & neck. Wait for 60 secs so it fully absorbs. (If you fancy using a jade roller here for even more bliss and age-resisting action, then feel free). See our gift set options on our Shop page for jade roller optional add-ons.

-Apply a pea-sized amount of 100% organic Facial Balm. Allow 60 secs for it to fully absorb.

That’s it. However, it does need to be done religiously without fail, every morning and night (even after a late night and a few G&Ts!) Even the most time-poor of us should be able to manage that mini ritual as the results will be very worthwhile. Flawless, soft, radiant skin means less time required applying make-up if you so wish.

Try out the above 100% organic routine with the above products in trial size from just £15 excluding P&P, with our Mini Discovery Gift Sets (full-sized gift set options with soft organic bamboo cloth also available for just £42.)

Take care,

Louise x

Founder, Shea Natural Skincare Ltd.

British, artisan-made organic & vegan-friendly skincare.

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