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Why choose the purest, natural skincare?

We believe that truly pure, Clean Skincare should be completely free from chemical, toxic synthetics. Shockingly, that is not so easy to find. For example, manufacturers who want to avoid using parabens, which in recently years lost favor among health-conscious consumers, might use the synthetic 'Phenoxyethanol' in their products as a substitute (usually for it's preservative properties). It is even sometimes found in skincare products marketed as being 'natural' / 'organic'. Check your labels....

There’s conflicting data about its safety. Whilst this chemical has been given a “safe” rating when used in cosmetics at a 1% or less concentration, it is noted that using several products daily, all containing a low dose, could result in overexposure in toxicity. Think how many products you use every day on your skin.....? 🤔

Harsh synthetics such as Phenoxyethanol can be irritating, affecting different people to varying degrees. Many skincare products (even organic ones) are water-based which means not only is it diluted (so less potent), but it is necessary to add emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives to ensure the product 'holds up' over time. Unfortunately those ingredients are often synthetic and can cause reactions. For example, since I discovered the wonderful world of synthetic-free skincare, I barely get any blemishes, or dry skin. I am also reducing my 'toxic-load' as part of living more healthily, which is a growing consumer trend. 🙏

For truly Clean Skincare, look for products which are 100% organic (like ours), which are undiluted and entirely made from gentle, skin-nourishing certified organic botanical natural ingredients. In addition, it means that the botanicals were cultivated without harmful, toxic chemical pesticides (better us AND the planet). Even better, the result is beautiful, glowing skin. Take care, Louise, Shea Natural Skincare 💚

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