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What's A Face Balm?

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Balms are an alternative to the usual moisturizing creams we are familiar with. Our Intensely Nurturing Moisturizing Facial Balm contains no water and is entirely oils/Shea Butter based. Balms are growing in popularity and are already popular in the U.S. The absence of water in balms is key because it means the balm is more concentrated with its skin benefits. In addition, it means chemical or synthetic 'nasties' can be left out such as preservatives / stabilizers, which are unfortunately essential in water-based formulations.

Our balms are made of only pure natural goodness as a result and a little goes a long way! It is also good to allow a little more time for the balm to settle into the skin but you can of course help it along with your fingers....

(Balms are often made with Beeswax but not in our balms which are vegan-friendly). No bee slave labour here. All the ingredients we use are 100% Organic and certified. Our Shea Butter is not only of course organic but also ethically sourced.

House Of Shea Face Balm deeply nourishes the skin, even penetrating the deeper layers. It also provides a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to help retain your skin's moisture levels. This is particularly useful in the cold harsh winter months!

House Of Shea Face Balm is a multi-purpose versatile addition to your bathroom as it can be used for intense over-night nourishing for soft skin the next morning, it can be used sparingly underneath foundation for daytime and it can also be used as an oil-based cleanser (simply apply in a circular motion over your make-up at the end of the day and gently wipe away with a muslin cloth- wrung out of it's warm water). You can also use House Of Shea Face Balm on specific dry skin areas such as heels/ elbows etc.

The House Of Shea Nourishing Hand Balms are made from organic raw unrefined Shea Butter combined with Anti-oxidant rich Grapeseed Oil and collagen boosting Pomegranate Seed Oil and Rosehip Oil- both known for their anti-ageing benefits.

Choose which mood aroma you require with either 'Uplifting' mood enhancing aroma blend from Geranium and May Chang essential oils, or our 'Calming' aroma mood blend from Frankincense and Patchouli Essential Oils (both also known for their anti-ageing properties).

Welcome to the world of balms, versatile pots of heaven, where a little goes a long way.

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