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Exercise, Well-being & Mindfulness: Why Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

House Of Shea skincare products are all about Well-being - that's body and soul. It's so important to look after ourselves in today's hectic world. We've designed these pure, natural products to give you a little taste of the Spa everyday through how they smell and because they are effective / indulgent to use. But it's not enough to have healthy, radiant skin, because there is so much more that you can do to help boost your beauty (and mood!).

Happy people emanate beauty. If you are using natural, pure skincare products which you know are kind to the environment then you are on the right track- but don't let it end there. Invest time in taking care of yourself such as ensuring you get a massage regularly- to ease away those tensions (ideally fit in a trip to the Spa occasionally for a proper pampering session). Be selective in who you spend your time with; it's okay to leave behind 'toxic' friends along the way.

Keeping stress levels under control is a biggie. It's great to have goals but remember to take time to appreciate what you already have along the way, otherwise you can end up on a never ending 'hamster wheel' of discontent as you may be perceptually too focused on what else you think you need to attain to be happy. Accepting what and who you are can help a person find inner contentment.

I think that all the modern day focus on 'perfection' is unhealthy. I kind of like my physical flaws (such as my facial scars from a major car crash 30 years ago), it makes me who I am. I am stronger as a result. I am pale skinned English Rose and I accept that. I don't go near tanning-beds and will not even use spray-on fake tan anymore because it is FULL of nasty chemicals and I do not want those anywhere near my skin.

I even kind of like getting older - as long as I am using effective skincare that helps keep any signs of ageing to a minimum. I don't want to try to look 20 by 'contouring' or getting toxic chemicals injected into me to freeze my face temporarily- I am 40 years old and am more than happy that people say I look 30! Thank you Rosehip Oil/ Raspberry Seed Oil (and Carrot Seed Oil essential oil) to name but a few, I am eternally grateful to have found you!

I have personally traits like anyone else but I believe I am evolving to become a better person. Volunteering or donating to charity are a great way to get feel-good factor. In 2014 I trained for and completed a Half Marathon to raise money for the charity 'Make A Wish'. I had never even been 'a runner' before! I do my best to manage my traits but I forgive myself along the way if my traits 'show their face' as we're not perfect, you just need to learn and try your best.

Fitting in time for exercise is a must for Well-being as far as I'm concerned. It helps makes me happy. I have practiced Pilates for the last 5 years and it helps me not only tone my post childbirth tummy but it makes me stretch and focus on breathing slowly. This of course has a calming effect. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have improved my core strength (from zero) and my flexibility (from 'Tin-Man' range). I am not and never will be super flexible and my arms still quiver during 'The Plank' pose, but I do have a stronger more supple body which makes me feel nicer in my clothes.

Pilates is similar to Yoga except it's a bit more like a 'Legs, Bums & Tums' Class meets Yoga, with sit-ups, 'V's' mixed in with yoga type stretches. The merit with Yoga however is that you have more time to focus on the breathing aspect specifically which is great to help you to meditate. (It's also really helpful in today's hectic world to find time to meditate at home). In addition, I believe, to achieve overall balance, that it is beneficial to ensure some faster pace weekly exercise activity. I do enjoy a 4 mile jog around the country lanes every week as that gives me my 'cardio' even though I am very slow. I find it uplifting to my mood/ spirit when I am surrounded by nature.

If you haven't heard the expression 'Mindfulness' you must have been living in a cave. Greatly beneficial to your Well-being, it doesn't need to be complicated. Stop. Savor. Engage your senses. For example, just strolling around the garden in summer smelling the roses and appreciating their beauty is an example of how I practice Mindfulness. I love the sound of the rain hammering down on the leaves above me when I jog through the woods. I also like to watch my chickens pecking about as I find that relaxing and amusing. Ultimately Mindfulness is about slowing right down and enjoying the moment by using your senses and clearing your mind. You can incorporate Mindfulness in routine daily activities - your skincare ritual is perfect. With House Of Shea aromatherapy skincare, you can both savor the aroma and through touch, appreciate the luxurious feeling as you massage into your skin.

Eating healthily and exercising are important parts of achieving your full beauty and happiness potential. If you eat tonnes of junk food, smoke / drink heavily, you are probably not going to be as consistently happy as you could be by living a lifestyle more in balance. I am no angel when it comes to food (or alcohol) and enjoy the odd burger and glass of wine (not together!). However, I have always practiced the 'Debit/Credit' rule where it is all balanced out- the good & bad and in moderation. Don't deprive yourself - but don't gorge either.

So continue looking after yourself by using pure, naturally effective skincare, but also learn about the importance of slowing things down sometimes, taking time for yourself to gather your thoughts/ find calm. Appreciate the here and now and savior those moments. Ideally take time out to meditate so you can restore yourself. If you act with kindness towards others e.g helping others / volunteering, the joy it creates for the receiver can make you (the giver) more joyous in turn.

Explore a more holistic life focused on Well-being and happiness will shine through more often- so you can look and feel naturally beautiful more of the time.

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