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Divine, all natural, age-defying skincare. Discover organic skincare at its purest. 100% organic means exactly that - every single ingredient used in our formulations has been Certified Organic at source, so you can have peace of mind that there are NO ADDED CHEMICAL 'NASTIES' in these beautiful, plant-based products which are hand-crafted in rural Staffordshire. Research has found that botancials grown organically are naturally higher in their antioxidant content, (plus of course organic is better for the environment!).


We are a new UK artisan Clean Beauty brand, passionately committed to Natural Beauty on many levels. We are specialists in 'ECO-LUXE' Clean Beauty, but at an accessible price. That way, more people can enjoy the transformative benefits of our beautiful products, whilst helping the greater good.  Nature can help our well-being and beauty in so many ways. In return, we believe that we should help protect nature itself for the future. Therefore, from May 2020, we pledge to donate 5% from each sale to help support nature & wildlife conservation charities.











You are right to care about your skin and also our planet. It is said that we absorb 60% of the substances we expose our skin to. Many skincare products out there contain chemical synthetic ingredients- these can be damaging to the environment and the long term health effects are unknown (often irritating for sensitive skin too). Our pure, certified-organic botanical ingredients are grown without harmful, toxic, chemical pesticides which have a devastating impact on nature and wildlife. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free,  our age-resisting skincare helps to protect, restore and nourish your skin naturally. Organic Shea Butter from the sacred African Shea or ('Karite') tree is our favorite ingredient as it's an absolute skin savior, with it's healing, soothing and deep moisturising properties.


The absence of water in our formulations means the products are significantly more potent and effective as a result. Also, we can avoid adding nasty synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, 'fillers' or drying alcohols / artificial perfumes, many of which can also irritate sensitive skin types, as well as potentially not being great for our long term health! We strictly use only natural ingredients (Vegan-Friendly), which have each been certified organic at source by The Soil Association or Country equivalent. We also minimise the use of plastic and instead use glass pots / recycled packaging materials wherever possible.

Which of our product ranges is for you?


Want an indulgent, spa-like experience which is completely natural and 100% organic? House Of Shea products are blended with naturally active age-resisting skin ingredients including premium, organic Therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oils. These products smell divine and enable you to practice a little Mindfulness everyday. Sounds good? Choose 'House Of Shea' skincare.



Extra sensitive skin? Choose 'Hurray For Shea!' skincare, which is completely fragrance-free. This range does not include any natural essential oils which can sometimes irritate the most sensitive skin types. With precious organic plant oils to help fight the signs of ageing- naturally. 

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